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Identifying Your Primary Value And How It Can Change Your Life

Identifying Your Primary Value And How It Can Change Your Life

BY Staff

Identifying Your Primary Value And How It Can Change Your Life

Imagine walking through life with money but not knowing what it’s worth in relation to the market you so desperately want to consume. That is us when we are unaware of our primary value.
Your primary value is the fire inside you. It’s what makes you tick and what sets you apart, it’s the end product of years of wins, losses, and lessons — it’s the secret sauce that we should know the ingredients to.
That’s the thing, though. Not only are we ignorant of the ingredients of our secret sauce, but we don’t realize we have the sauce inside –we don’t realize the value we hold in the spaces we occupy.
There are very understandable factors we face throughout life that may have distorted the view of our worth. There are manipulative and destructive people who, because they don’t recognize value in their own selves, come to assault the value they see in us.
However, once we overcome that brokenness and once we grow to appreciate ourselves, almost simultaneously our stocks literally rise at that instant.
So how do we recognize our primary value and how it relates to the world around us? Well, it starts with having a good grip on our personal values, transitions to holding on to our truths about the world, then wraps up with a strong emotional state of being.
With these three concepts mastered, we’ll never lose sight of our worth. We’ll always maintain where we stand regardless of where we are, and we’ll be respected for it.
This is how.

Personal Values

A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. Yet, because of conflicting ideologies, fear of judgment or just not having a strong grip of what we do believe, we get lost in the abyss of falling for whatever falls in our laps.
As important as camaraderie is, if we do not have some sort of stance that we defend or that we hold on to when we are confronted by conflicting ideas we might fall into the trap of just following the trends.
We’ve seen how this person looks — afraid to say no, with each reluctant yes leading them further from themselves. We don’t want that to be us.
Whether it’s a diet, faith or first date rules, the respect you will gain when you demand a standard for yourself will translate to how people approach, see, and converse with you.
I know men who have thrown away any sense of personal value away in sake of a dollar amount, I’ve seen personal value disregarded because they were in the presence of a person of influence, and even worse, I know men who will bend over backwards in ways they would never truly want to, just to comply to a woman’s wishes.
What they don’t realize is that no one will ever respect them if their values fluctuate back and forth. Only when you stand ground, even in the midst of disagreeing, will your value hold weight.

Beliefs About The World

Much like the values you hold dear to self, the beliefs you have about the world are instrumental to your overall makeup, therefore equally impactful to your primary value.
I don’t think I want to be intimately involved with anyone who doesn’t have an opinion on what’s going in our world. While it doesn’t define them per se, it sure factors a great deal into how I associate with them going forward — which is a perfect example why our beliefs about the world matter as well as how it affects our personal value.
We determine our value. And while it’s not always intentional, the beliefs we hold on the various issues going on subconsciously make up the core of who we are and who we surround ourselves with.
Our primary value is tied to our worldview because it shows what we care about. Defending yourself and speaking up on issues that you’re passionate about shows that you assume a greater responsibility than your individual self, which makes you someone that people either want to get behind and follow, or someone that people will at least respect.
We should never be afraid to express ourselves, and people will respect the fact that we stand up for what we believe in. It shows that we value our opinions and we see the responsibility we all individually have in making a difference.

Emotional State

Emotional intelligence, your emotional threshold, and how you interact with others, all play a factor in assessing your primary value.
Your primary value is directly associated with how you emotionally process because it, in large, is how you handle the personalities you encounter.
Everyone may not be able to determine what they are and aren’t ready for. You will come across women who aren’t ready for that relationship they think they’re ready for, but because of your emotional state — your emotional maturity and ability to openly sense the emotional state of others —  you will be able o avoid a disaster.
Your personal value is your current emotional state. Knowing what you can handle is the same as knowing how much you’re worth. In addition to avoiding situations you’re just not ready for, you will know also know which situations are right for you.
Your primary value is important because without knowing where you stand as a man against the countless people, businesses opportunities, and women you come across, you won’t only be disrespected, but lost.
When you hold on to your truths, you will be confident in expressing them and defending them, ultimately making you a man of integrity, one that has code, everywhere you go.

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