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According To Peter Thiel, No One In Silicon Valley Is Having Sex

According To Peter Thiel, No One In Silicon Valley Is Having Sex

BY Staff

According To Peter Thiel, No One In Silicon Valley Is Having Sex

The west coast has always been the forward-thinking flank of the American subconscious. California has become the epicenter of  many advancements in both American and international interests.
Nearly reflective of innovation and championing smarter human structure, Silicon Valley is where many of the best decisions have been made in the 21st century.
In what may be a subconscious move, the people who fuel the Mecca of all things tech are now proudly practicing an avoidance of sex in lieu of smarter, more practical lifestyle choices.
According to the controversial Silicon Valley Billionaire Peter Thiel in an interview with the New York Times, the people who work in the innovation capital of the world are socially averse to the act of sexual intercourse while proceeding to focus more on business-oriented sensibilities stating,

“One of my friends has a theory that the rest of the country tolerates Silicon Valley because people there just don’t have that much sex. They’re not having that much fun.”

Now while Thiel himself has spoken on a myriad of controversial topics — of which the validity is highly debatable — his statement on Silicon Valley’s value of sex could be spot on.
Efficiency-driven lifestyles have always seen the value of sex to be lower than the pursuit of capital.
The declining Japanese birth rate is a perfect example of how a more structured society primed for success removes the need for sexual activity.
Of course, this can’t all be attributed to people not seeking human interaction.
Simply put Silicon Valley has been under the influence of an absurd housing crisis which has forced people sharing housing to absurd limits, and the honest truth is that no one gets their stroke on with 12 other people in a three-bedroom apartment.

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