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How 6 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Entire Life

How 6 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Entire Life

BY Staff

How 6 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Entire Life

The moment you accept responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life is the moment you can change ANYTHING in your life. – Hal Elrod


Think about the different areas of your life: career, health, social, romantic, and spiritual.

On a scale of 1-10, how are you doing in each area?

If you’re like most people, chances are you’re living a level 10 life in career, romance, or social. Typically we focus on one area at a time when we’re ready to work on personal development.

But, why do we do this? Why not make it our intention to create a level 10 life for every area?

Hal Elrod, serial entrepreneur and author, focused on this topic in his wildly popular book The Miracle Morning. With over 1,500 reviews and a four and half star rating, Hal Elrod’s book delves into an easy morning routine that (according to the testimonials and Amazon reviews) has changed lives for the better.

Even more amazing, Hal Elrod believes that any person can accomplish this by following a 6-step routine in only 6 minutes a day–a one minute minimum per step. (If you can spend more time on this routine, do. He suggests 15 minutes on each–but who has that kind of time, amirite?)

You’re welcome to pick and choose the order of your routine, but here it is laid out in its original schedule: SAVERS

S – Silence

You know how you feel a little extra shitty in the mornings after you’ve hit the snooze button a few times?

Yeah, turns out it’s scientifically proven that using the snooze button is actually bad for you.

In an excellent report by CNN, medical directors found that “when you doze off after your alarm wakes you in the morning, you’re actually setting yourself up to feel less alert and productive later in the day.”

Instead, try to start your day out in silence.

Whether you choose to meditate, pray, or just sit quietly, sitting in silence can help you center yourself and prepare for the day ahead. 

A – Affirmations

For some people, affirmations might seem a little too new age and hocus pocus-ey (yes, I just made up that word).

But the truth is that affirmations are actually a really great way to begin positive self-talk instead of negative self-talk.

Science Daily has found that research suggests that affirmations have some pretty awesome effects:

  • Minimized anxiety
  • Decreased stress
  • Self-preservation

Spend this minute during your miracle morning to go over your affirmations.

If you’re not sure what to say or where to start, check out this awesome guide in the Huffington Post that walks you through choosing strong affirmations.

V – Visualization

Again, maybe this a little too kooky for some to get into, but bear with me.

What separates this type of visualization from creating dream boards or channeling The Secret is what you’ll be visualizing.

Most other forms of visualization ask you to imagine yourself having already reached success.

During The Miracle Morning visualization minute, all you should be visualizing is your day. Visualize yourself doing the things that need to be done.

Hal Elrod gives the perfect example of why visualizing yourself completing tasks works: athletes visualize themselves going through the motions of a game. Tiger Woods imagines himself swinging perfectly – rather than visualizing himself holding a trophy and having that success.

Doing this will help you complete your tasks throughout your day.

E – Exercise

Getting your blood and oxygen flowing in the morning is a great way to wake yourself up naturally.

Do a minute of pushups, jumping jacks, dancing around in your underwear.

Just move your body for at least 60 seconds.

R – Reading

During your minute of reading, it’s probably best to reach for that self-help book.

Reading for one minute sounds ridiculous, but one minute is long enough to find and grasp an idea.

Too often people read self-help books without actually implementing anything they’ve learned.

Reading for one minute allows you to learn something new, and make the choice to implement it throughout the day.

S – Scribing

Scribing is actually just writing – but SAVERW would’ve sounded weird so I get why he chose to call it scribing.

What should you be writing for one minute?

Everything that you’re grateful for.

Gratitude journals are not new, but they’ve definitely been gaining more and more popularity since the benefits are becoming recognized.

Starting your morning off with gratitude will allow you to find clarity in your life and begin the day on a positive uplifting note.

All you need is 6 minutes each morning to start an awesome new routine that could very well be life changing.

Do you have 6 minutes? Then get started!


What do you do to create balance in your life?

Which areas of your life do you find are your strongest and weakest?

Have you tried your own miracle morning? How did you feel?

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