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Japanese Soccer Player Kazuyoshi Miura Signs Contract Through 50s

Japanese Soccer Player Kazuyoshi Miura Signs Contract Through 50s

BY Chris Wong

Japanese Soccer Player Kazuyoshi Miura Signs Contract Through 50s

Kazuyoshi Miura, arguably one of the most legendary soccer players to emerge out of Japan, has now entered his 32nd season as a professional athlete at the age of 50. Miura joins a very small league of over-50 athletes who represent the legacy of the sport.

Miura, now 49, has signed onto tier 2 team Yokohama FC as a member of the 19-year-old team, bringing along decades of experience.

“King Kazu” is a legend. As a prominent member of the 1998 Japanese team, Miura scored 14 goals throughout his country’s qualification campaign to make it to the World Cup.

Miura has scored the second most goals for the Japanese national team, with 55 goals in 89 appearances.

Miura’s career is the stuff of legends.

At the young age of 15 he had traveled to Brazil to play for various football clubs which inevitably boosted his prestige as the premium soccer star to emerge from Japan.

From Brazil to Italy, to Australia, Miura had played with the greatest teams on the face of the planet and his experience is a testament to the long-running sanctity that the Japanese hold for the beautiful game.

Miura commenting on joining Yokahama FC in his 50th year said,

“I hope to keep fighting with all my might together with people involved with the club, my team-mates and supporters who have always given me support.”

Compared to his teammates and competitors, Miura is ancient; however, his determination to maintain a presence within the game is by no means laughable.

He’s managed to achieve more than most in the sport, and unified a nation behind his persona. Kazuyoshi Miura will go to the annals of soccer as a legend who stood through the test of time.

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