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Going to the Gym: Expectation vs. Reality

Going to the Gym: Expectation vs. Reality

BY Staff

Going to the Gym: Expectation vs. Reality

It’s 5 A.M. and your alarm clock will not stop screaming at you to get the hell out of bed.

Side-eyeing your phone, you contemplate just hitting the snooze button for 9 more minutes of sweet, sweet sleep.

But, you know if you hit that snooze button once, you’ll do it a second time, a third time, a fourth time until there’s only enough time left in the morning to throw on clothes, brush your teeth, and run to work.

You can’t let that happen. No, summer season is way too close for you to start skipping the gym this morning. So, you pull yourself out of bed, and get your morning started to go to the gym.

What You Expect Your Protein Packed Breakfast To Taste Like


What Your Protein Packed Breakfast Actually Tastes Like


Your Expectation Of The Trainer’s Reactions When You Walk In


The Reality Of The Trainer’s Reaction When You Walk In


What You Expect To Look Like In The Locker Room


What You Really Look Like In The Locker Room


How You Expect To Look Like In Front Of The Cute Girl On The Treadmill


What You Really Look Like


Flirting Across The Gym Expectation


Flirting Across The Gym Reality


Showering After A Hard Workout Expectation


Showering After A Hard Workout Reality


Leaving The Gym Expectation


Leaving The Gym Reality


The Expectation And Reality Of Knowing Your Going To Look F*cking Sexy This Summer Because You’re Dedicated To Your Workouts No Matter How Much They Suck


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