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Scientific Studies Show Women Really Do Like Guys With Dad Bods More

Scientific Studies Show Women Really Do Like Guys With Dad Bods More

BY The Social Man Staff

Scientific Studies Show Women Really Do Like Guys With Dad Bods More

With the rising trend in body positivity amongst women, it would almost seem natural that it would be with men too.

A new study coming out of Yale University states that women are more attracted to men who have a little extra meat on their bones, as it provides for a little more cushion for the pushin’. That’s right, dad bods.

Within the context of researching for the book How Men Age: What Evolution Reveals about Male Health and Mortality, Yale professor of Anthropology Richard Bribiescas stated that “chubby men with dad bods tend to have better immune system due to lower levels of testosterone.”

In conversation with The Telegraph, Bribescas elaborates on some of his findings, such as the observation that heavier-set fathers dedicate more of their time towards child raising rather than searching for females, simultaneously denoting that the increase in weight becomes more appealing towards women because of unperceived benefits. He states that,

“This change in body composition not only causes men to shop for more comfortable trousers but also facilitates increased survivorship and, hypothetically, a hormonal milieu that would more effectively promote and support paternal investment.”

What used to be a social stigmata has now flourished into cultural celebration of a more realistic perception of male physique. Dad bod’s are no longer the epitaph on a long, fruitful romantic life, and instead comes with its own attractive attributes to women.

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  • elgar

    hmmm….I disagree.

    “Bribiescas found that middle-aged men with children are better at passing on their genes to their children, making them a better mate.” – Really? Men who have kids have ALREADY passed on their genes!!
    More fat does equal lower testosterone and that absolutely does not equate to a healthier man, let alone a man with a stronger immune system.
    Awful agenda promoting story. Sheesh.

    • Thecritic89

      I agree with your first point, but scientifically disagree with your second point.

      Ever hear women complain about men who bitch about being sick a lot? Estrogen is an inflammation supporter. It enhances the immune system which is why they can tolerate illness slightly better, but also why they experience autoimmune disorders at a rate nearly 9x as high as men. Testosterone is an immune suppressant. The more testosterone you have, the more suppressed your immune system.

      So, while I still think the more testosterone the better, it also comes with a weakened immune system.

      • m a

        Which is weird since I’m the one in the house who never gets sick- I work out 4-5 days a week. The wife and daughters were sick far more often.

  • Abrucas

    I’m calling BS! I know a lot of women, the only women who would say fatter dad bods are desirable are women who don’t want to get off their butts and work to improve themselves. Study after study and just living life shows that people with more “meat” on their bones are more inclined to heart disease. All as the media tells us big is beautiful, the truth is, that is just an excuse to make people too lazy to put down the cake and hit the gym.

    • Pakvi Roti

      If you aren’t going to eat your cake, can I have it?

    • DC Packer Backer

      I get what you are saying but I have a dad bod, married almost 20 years, three kids, and I do go to the gym regularly. Bench 5×5 @ 230lbs, deadlift 270, squat 245, but do have a pouch. My wife would like me to lose it but also knows that I’m pretty strong, just not metrosexual looking. It’s cool, I’d need to reduce my caloric intake to an insane level, stop having a cocktail after work and that’s not going to happen.

      • Same here, though my workout consists of being a master cabinetmaker. I carry 4’x8′ & 5’x9′ 3/4″ to 1″ sheet goods or 8 quarter (2″ Thick 12′ to 16′ long) boards around all day long. The last time a tried I could bend press 250 lbs, dead lift 200 lbs, and squat about 300 lbs. My “work out” consists of using a tread mill during the winter to walk about 3 or so miles a day. I do that outside during the spring/summer/fall…and I’m 54 years old.

    • nick

      Yes, I agree this is BS. It is like saying all people will prefer a Toyota over a BMW, because it has “value” for the money.
      Or it could be that the women with “mom” bodies prefer men with “dad” bodies,

  • bigcg98

    This article is about 99% BS. I’ve had both kinds of bodies — was in great shape in my late 30’s but have more of a dad bod now. I can tell you that I got WAY more attention when I was buff, and I didn’t have to ‘search for women’ as they seemed to find their way to me easy enough. I wasn’t going with a bunch of women , because I’m kind of an introvert… just saying the buff body got way more attention.

    • Aurelian

      Im 57 now and buff and get play from women 24-60+ Buff wins! Maybe women see the dad bod as more useful for resource extraction?

  • chasrmartin

    “social stigma”. “Stigmata” is plural.

    • Vizzini

      Social stigmata will get you major attention in Pentecostal churches.

  • Kelly Palmer

    6-3 and a half, 210 pounds, and have slept with one woman in my life…my wife. I don’t give a flip what other women think of me. Yes, some of them are hot, but my commitment was made 35 years ago.

  • Andrew Benton

    Social stigmata?

  • JoeKlip

    It’s probably middle age men, with “dad’s boob”, are more financially secured. Just my guess.

  • lightray9a


  • m a

    “… that heavier-set fathers dedicate more of their time towards child raising rather than searching for females,…”
    Which is irrelevant to the point of the story. If they’re already fathers with kids, they’re not trying to attract a woman. This has nothing to do with the body they had at the time they, you know, actually attracted someone who wanted to procreate with them.

  • m a

    Follow the links, there’s nothing about women actually being attracted to Dad bods other than one blog post about one college student’s personal preference. That’s it. The actual quote from Bribescas is women ‘could…’, it is entirely speculation on his part with no evidence directly supporting it.
    By the way, there’s no ‘new study in coming out of Yale University ‘ that I can find. Bribescas is pushing a book he wrote ‘How Men Age: …’

    Might be useful to hire some folks with training in old-style journalism which includes fact checking and precision in wording.

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