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Ejaculating 21 Times A Month May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer, Study Finds


Ejaculating 21 Times A Month May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer, Study Finds

It turns out ejaculating often is a really good thing. That’s according to a study published by the Boston University of Public Health.

According to the study, whether it’s with your partner or all on your own, men aged 21-29 who ejaculated 21 times or more every month are 19% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

With men aged 40-49 ejaculating 21 times a month decreased the likelihood of being diagnosed with prostate cancer by 22%.

The study tracked the ejaculation rates of men in these two age groups over 18 years, developing a large sample size.

So the best advice scientists are giving you is that ejaculation is good for you, even possibly staving off prostate complications and cancer…. nice.

Go at it with your partner or, well, yourself. Nature calls. Look at this quote, from the study:

“In a large prospective study with long-term follow-up, men who reported more frequent ejaculation in adulthood had a lower risk of total incidence of prostate cancer. Ejaculation frequency represents a potentially modifiable risk factor for prostate cancer.”

If you need some more proof, check out the study itself here.

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