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Let’s Face It: Dominance Is What’s Most Attractive To Women (Video)

Let’s Face It: Dominance Is What’s Most Attractive To Women (Video)

Say what you will about sensitivity but women will always find a confident, masculine man attractive.
The video above featuring Christian Hudson reveals that women who admire men for their confidence in every situation is something that’s existed since the beginning of time. He said,

“Nothing is more arousing for a woman than to feel the desire from a man she admires.”

Women like when men take the lead when they take the initiative and go after what they want.
But why is that? He continued,

“A man that’s comfortable being dominant is willing to risk rejection to get what he wants he believes in himself and his value and he doesn’t care what people think. If he desires a woman, he doesn’t hide that, and that’s what makes him so attractive.”

There is a fine line between being dominant in situations with women, and being persistent with women when they’re clearly not interested in you Christian warns.
In the video, Hudson then acts out a scenario where he’s pushed back against rejection (respectfully) and comes out on the other side victorious.
In this situation, Christian recalls a time where he met a woman out in the streets of  New York City and how he got her number after being rejected. He asked,

“I’d love to get to know you better, can I have your number?” She replied, unsure, saying, “Uh… I don’t give out my phone number, you can have my Instagram.”

This is the key right here, knowing when she’s clearly not interested and when you should push forward and pursue a little.
After all, women love to be chased. He counters her response,

“I could be wrong, but there could be something here right now, and it’d be so much easier to find that out if we were texting instead of stalking each other on Instagram.”

Still unsure, he adds light to the conversation by jokingly promising her that he would only text her 20 times a day.
She eventually let down her guard and gave in.
What that last part did was that it showed her that he was funny, witty, and that he was persistent about getting her number. He showed his dominance and proved that he was serious about her.
So get out there and be confident! You just might land your dream girl.

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