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Connor McGregor Loses It As Tensions Rise At UFC 205 Press Conference


Connor McGregor Loses It As Tensions Rise At UFC 205 Press Conference

Last night, the pre-press conference for what is shaping up to be the most profitable event for the UFC organization in UFC 205 was held at Madison Square Garden.
The anticipation has been at a fever pitch with UFC being banned from holding any events for the last two decades in New York.
Of course the highlight of this event, Eddie Alvarez and Connor McGregor squaring off against each other for the Lightweight Belt, has been an impassioned battle of words between the two fighters.
McGregor’s charismatic persona has been the standout feature leading up to the showdown in the Octagon, with audiences worldwide drawn to his pageantry, the charged statements and eccentric attire.

In the tension of the conference, both Alvarez and McGregor let their passions get the better of them, with Alvarez almost instigating a confrontation on stage by moving a chair towards McGregor, and McGregor having to be restrained and pacified by Dana White.
Despite the heated reactions from both fighters, there is an obvious spirit of advancement within the UFC as an organization, with characters like McGregor representing the massive success of the company. McGregor’s ever-ascending career seems to be correlated to UFC’s rise.
UFC is very much defined by the success, in the octagon¬†and out, of the organization’s stars. McGregor himself has been teasing a special, secret announcement after the fight.
With the tension and apparent vitriol between McGregor and Alvarez, this fight will not be short on drama.

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