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Christmas Songs for People Who Are Sick of Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs for People Who Are Sick of Christmas Songs

BY Staff

Christmas Songs for People Who Are Sick of Christmas Songs

Breathe new life into your holiday playlist with a few of the classics like you’ve never heard before, and take delight in the unfamiliar with fresh vibes.
BB King “Merry Christmas Baby”
“I’m feeling mighty fine this mornin’… got good blues music on my radio”
The king of blues delivers his own Christmas classic.

Nora Jones  + Willie Nelson “Baby It’s Cold Outside”
“Well maybe just a half a drink more”
You’ll feel the chill and warmth all at once.

Kanye West “Christmas In Harlem”
“Even tho we ain’t ballin’, feels like we bought it all”
Love him or hate him, the track meshes hip hop and the holidays perfectly.
Colbie Caillat “Mistletoe”
“Lose our troubles because after all – it’s Christmas time”
Bit of a sad storyline, but such sweet longing for love.

Smashing Pumpkins “Christmas Time”
“Christmastime has come”
Billy Corgan’s ode to childhood.

June Christy “The Merriest”
“May the day be the bowl of cherriest”
Swingin’ into the season..

Keb Mo “Jingle Bell Jamboree”
“Well, it’s the state of mind that matters most of all”
Betcha haven’t heard this one!

Doris Day  “Let it Snow”
“The lights are turned way down low”
If this doesn’t get you in the mood, you’re clearly a Scrooge.

Various Artists
Throwin’ a mix in there for the traditionalists with the Top Christmas Songs Of All Time Mix

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What’s your all time favorite Christmas song?
Are there any classics that make you wish the holidays would just rush by faster?

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