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7 Christmas Gifts for Her That You’d Never Think to Get

7 Christmas Gifts for Her That You’d Never Think to Get

BY Staff

7 Christmas Gifts for Her That You’d Never Think to Get

This Christmas, skip the all of the lame gifts that are oh-so-cliché and go for something amazing and unique when shopping for that special girl in your life.
Put back those diamond stud earrings, return those boring scented candles, and for the love of god, please banish the idea of cookie cutter style lingerie.
So, what should you gift her in place of these tired old staples?
Anything from this amazing Christmas list. Choosing an item from the choices below is going to give you an edge. She’ll forget she ever spent a Christmas before with that lame ex who bought her a bottle of perfume from CVS in a forgetful rush on Christmas Eve.

Gift for the girl who love 50 Shades Of Grey

greyedited sells this naughty little bedroom set that’s perfect for the girl who’s obsessed with the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy (in book form or movie). The Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit is a treasure trove of risqué pleasure-inducing items including restrains, blindfolds, and an instruction booklet (perfect for beginners). She’ll love that you’re spicing up the bedroom with something she finds erotic. Now, don’t you think that this is a million times more thoughtful than a tacky red teddy with fuzzy white trim?

Gift for the girl who loves drinking wine

Subscription gifts are all the rage this year. Why not give your vino lover a subscription to Club W? What sets this gift apart from a wine of the month club is that each bottle is specifically tailored to the receiver. The best part about this gift is you can choose how many months to gift, so it’s perfect for those who are shopping on a budget since a single month is only $50.00.

Gift for the girl who loves romantic comedies

Take your girlfriend on a romantic date with a boozy painting class at Painting With A Twist, a byob painting class that turns anyone into a drunk Picasso. Reserve a date online at the website, and print out the pass to wrap up.
Want a creative way to give this to your girlfriend on Christmas? Frame the class pass and wrap it in a box, or create a little wrapped gift box with the ticket, a bottle of wine and two painting aprons, which you can get for less than 10 dollars each at a Michaels or Joann.

Gift for the girl who loves a tidy house

If she your girlfriend is a neat freak, then she’ll really love this time saving and stress reliving gift, a certificate from Molly Maid. Once it’s time to box up all the holiday decorations and take out the tree, she’ll be thrilled to have a professional come in to give the house (or apartment) a good deep cleaning and get rid of all the glitter and pine needles.

Gift for the girl who loves Pinterest

Does your girlfriend have a Pinterest account that she’s constantly gushing about? Then this Christmas present is going to win you the award of Best Boyfriend Ever (seriously, her friends will probably hit on you because they’ll be so jealous of how sweet your gift was). Now, it does require a little more effort than just jumping online and whipping out your credit card, but it really is the holy grail of Christmas presents.

  • Step 1: Go onto her Pinterest account and find a project that she’s saved (maybe it’s hand painted mugs or hand sewn throw pillows).
  • Step 2: Make a list of all the items needed to complete the project.
  • Step 3: Go to a crafting store and purchase 2 of every item on the list.
  • Step 4: Box all of the items up and wrap in festive wrapping paper.
  • Step 5: Write out a Christmas card that explains you’ve gifted her a day of doing a crafting project, and you’ll be doing it with her.

This is probably the gift that has the highest rating of getting you a naughty holiday lap dance under the tree. Seriously, it’s that thoughtful.

Gift for the girl who loves reading

Are you dating a little bookworm? This Bamboo Reader Caddy from Gone Reading is perfect because it relates a special message to her: I know your hobbies.
Every girl hopes to open a gift and see through it that you truly understand her, and this gift will do just that if she’s a reader.
Bonus points will be awarded if you gift her the following additional items: a few books (they don’t even have to be brand new, try Half-Price), a bottle of wine, a box of hot cocoa, a loofah, and bubble bath.
Come to think of it, maybe this one has the highest chance of Christmas sex.

Gift for the girl who loves yoga

So, your girl is bendy and twisty because she is an avid yogi. Don’t be lame and get her the obvious yoga studio gift card. Instead, go for one of these gorgeous and completely surprising La Vie Boheme Yoga mats. All the women in her yoga class are guaranteed to ask where she got it, to which she’ll proudly respond that it was a Christmas present from her amazing boyfriend. Talk about ensuring that you’re a keeper!


What Christmas present is on your must-have list?
Which of these do you think is perfect for your girl?
What’s the best present you’ve ever given someone, and why?

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