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Blackberry Returns To The Handset Scene With New Model For 2017

Blackberry Returns To The Handset Scene With New Model For 2017

BY Staff

Blackberry Returns To The Handset Scene With New Model For 2017

Honestly, it is hard to imagine an era before the advent of the iPhone back in 2007.
A world dominated by flip phones, qwerty keyboards, and rudimentary operating systems seems so archaic compared to the high-speed internet and monumental advancements towards making tech more ‘smart’.
In this world, outlandish advertising campaigns were king, and for a brief period, BlackBerry was the de facto king of the tech hill.
Yet as everything was in 2016, what was old is now new, and with the rise of nostalgia, it seems that Blackberry is ready for one last trick in 2017.
As with all the hype and yearly awe into our window into the future, CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) has given us rumblings into the moves and features that will be available with BlackBerry’s next handset, codenamed ‘Mercury’, will offer.
Ever since Chinese tech conglomerate TCL acquired the BlackBerry brand back in December, the mobile giant has been seeking viable ways to reintroduce BlackBerry back into the market with minimal success.
However, Mercury seems to be marrying the old features that made it an essential for any business exec with certain innovations from companies like Apple and Samsung.

According to Mashable, the design behind Mercury will focus on three core tenets: security, productivity, and reliability.
With design details including the most forward-thinking security features made available through Android software and a physical QWERTY keyboard, TCL seems dedicated to make ‘Mercury’ the go-to handheld for corporations that handle sensitive data.
Other design features, as reported by The Verge, include a USB-C port, a fingerprint sensor built into the spacebar, and a metal and rubber composite exterior.
According to TCL North America President Steve Steve Cistulli, more product details will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress stating,

“We look forward to unveiling details around this distinctly different and impressively designed BlackBerry smartphone around the Mobile World Congress timeframe next month.”

Personally speaking, I was never into BlackBerry as a device, maybe I was too young and just getting used to the Motorola Razer, and have been an avid Apple supporter since the first iPhone up until recently.
But maybe there will be some new tech here unseen by BlackBerry’s competitors. We’ll learn more next month.

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