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14 GoT Gifs That Sum Up Dating In 2016


14 GoT Gifs That Sum Up Dating In 2016

Dating in 2016 is confusing, and quite frankly, it sucks.

There are too many dating apps to use, too many dating websites and messengers, and way too many new dating rules to remember pertaining to online dating. But, what else can we do? It’s not like we can just ignore the fact that they’re here to stay so we hold off as long as possible, but in the end we always end up with an online dating account.


And that story is typically the same, as told by the following Game of Thrones gifs for your enjoyment. Just try not to get too emotional when you find out just how accurate the story is.

That face you make when you’re trying to figure out online dating and the messages girls send


But, you finally find a cute girl and ask her out (and she says yes!)


When she says that all guys are jerks on your date, you want to show her she’s wrong


And after a few amazing dates, you two suddenly become an item


But then, after all the wonderful times you’ve had together, she ghosts you out of nowhere and with no explanation. So you try to drown your sorrows in liquor and forget her.


But then you see her out Friday night on a date with someone else, and she doesn’t even acknowledge you (just proving how absolutely evil she is)


But a few days later she ends up try to come back to you with a lame “hey” text, but you shut her down real fast


And even though you did the right thing not allowing her back into your life, you’re still bummed so you decide to go out and drink


It’s all fun and games until you wake up hung over the next day


And you vaguely remember dancing with girls


And you then remember bringing someone home and trying to have drunk sex (which didn’t work out well at all)


Because she got bored and left when things got too messy


So, you’re there lying in bed the next morning when you realize that you’re once again all alone, and you decide to just surf Tinder and nurse your hangover in bed all day


And as you’re swiping right and left on Tinder, you pray that your next relationship goes better than this last one


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