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Let Will Smith from Independence Day Pump You Up This 4th of July

Let Will Smith from Independence Day Pump You Up This 4th of July

BY Staff

Let Will Smith from Independence Day Pump You Up This 4th of July

Ah, 4th of July. The one day that we all come together as Americans and celebrate our freedom with burgers, beers, and brats at bbqs.

4th 1

And, what makes all of those things even better?

The cute girls who frequent those bbqs!

4th intro

God bless America, because we have some pretty gorgeous creatures in our country.

Now, trying to meet these girls can be a little scary considering women are practically aliens (because they come from Venus), but you know who knows a thing or two about dealing with aliens? Will Smith from the glorious movie Independence Day. If you’re nervous about approaching girls at all of the 4th of July parties you’ll be attending this year, let Will Smith pump you up with a few gifs and motivational tips. Anytime you get nervous, just remember that Will Smith has your back.

Go get ‘em, tiger because Will Smith believes in you!

1.  Remember to keep your swagger no matter how hot that bbq gets


Things might get a little sticky (how could they not with all of those cocktails and shots flowing?), but don’t let that alter the course of your mission. So, don’t let your swagger drop, and keep your focus.

2. This is you punching your nerves and fears in the face! You’re a rockstar! (So, own that damn party)


Confidence is key! Walk into that party like you own the place, and you’ll have all the girls eyeing you instead of the potato salad. Believe in yourself. Will Smith does.

3.  These girls have no idea that you’re about to rock their world

4th 5

The truth is that you’re going to kill it no matter what because you’ve got intense swag and confidence, so just trust that.

4. Even if you stumble, get back up because your mission isn’t over until the fat lady sings

ID 4

So what if she’s not interested? The party isn’t over, and there are plenty of other girls to chat up instead. Brush your shoulder off, and keep on going. If Will Smith never quit in the face of world destruction, then you shouldn’t quit in the face of one girl’s rejection.

5. When you do get a cute girl’s number, roll out like a boss

4th 6

Don’t forget. Leave a party the same way you went in: full of confidence and self-assurance. 

TSM wishes you the best of luck on your mission this 4th of July, boys! Good luck!

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