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Rate Of Vasectomies Skyrockets During March Madness, You Know Why

Rate Of Vasectomies Skyrockets During March Madness, You Know Why

BY Staff

Rate Of Vasectomies Skyrockets During March Madness, You Know Why

March Madness is one of the best times of the year.
Thursday-Sunday of those first and second rounds there is basically non-stop basketball action.
There’s nothing better than having nothing on the calendar and being able to post on the couch and watch all of it.
Only problem is, you have a life. You have a job and responsibilities and for whatever reason people aren’t allowed to just sit on the couch for four straight days and devour March Madness.
I know, it’s not fair, it’s wrong, it’s even un-American.
This does explain; however, the rate of vasectomies during March Madness.
Yeah, you read that correctly. The amount of vasectomies skyrockets during the tourney.
I mean, think about it, it’s kind of the perfect excuse to sit around all day without any responsibilities.
Now, by no means are we advocating that you get snipped just to watch March Madness, please don’t do that, but if you’re going to get the operation, now seems like a pretty good time.
According to Athena Health Network the rate of vasectomies skyrockets during the first weekend of Madness,

“Throughout the year, the data shows, most vasectomies are scheduled toward the end of the week — likely to allow for a weekend recovery after the outpatient procedure. And it turns out that urologists performed more than 41 percent more vasectomies on the Friday of the first week of 2016 March Madness than on a typical Friday.”

This is a pretty hilarious little phenomenon, the fact that some guys will literally schedule their own major surgeries to accommodate a college basketball tournament is… quite something.
But it just shows the lengths some will go to watch March Madness and be a fan.
So, here’s to you Mr. during-the-tournament-vasectomy-guy, we hope you enjoy your time on the couch.
Lord knows you’ve earned it.

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