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Becoming Unbreakable: How To Have Complete Control Of Your Dating Life

Becoming Unbreakable: How To Have Complete Control Of Your Dating Life

BY Staff

Becoming Unbreakable: How To Have Complete Control Of Your Dating Life

The disdain of the dating scene is real.
None of it is fabricated, exaggerated or taken out of context.
There are so many things to consider that the process often times becomes discouraging.
Comfortably holding a conversation, being a good communicator, reading expressions and knowing what women want are all more than being comfortable in your single life, it’s owning your single life.
Same goes for exuding your attractiveness.
Actually zeroing in on your best qualities and trusting in them, then using them to your advantage, too, is a part of being in the driver’s seat of your bachelor experience.
It goes hand in hand with knowing how to weed out the women that don’t work for you as well as being knowledgeable about what type of women you want.
Once landing a partnership — on any level — it’s having the strength to maintain it in a healthy and fulfilling way.
That’s something that men who aren’t unbreakable can’t do.
Being unbreakable is finding peace in each and every romantic situation you come across.
No more stressing out, wondering if she’ll call you or not because if she doesn’t, you have the confidence that you’ll attract someone else.
No longer will you panic in social settings where there are multiple attractive women because you’re going to know how to move a room.
Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re above heartbreak and that you’ll never face rejection or disappointment.
All it means is that there will not be any more lonely nights feeling sorry for yourself.

Who Are You?

The first step is having a firm grasp on who you are.
A lot of times we enter relationships and try our hand at women who are horrible matches for us, then wonder why it didn’t work out when it blows up in our face.
Are we introverts who rather be reading with their significant other in a park? Are we extroverted? Do you hate being still in one place for too long a time? Are you even prepared for a mutually exclusive relationship at all?
When we’re out on the dating scene, knowing who you are on an intimate level — which entails knowing what you best need for yourself today, right now — is a crucial part of the process.
It may take some self-reflection, some painful examining of prior relations and an assessment of your current head space, but it will save you the pain and heartache.

Owning Yourself

After you get a good sense of what you want for yourself and what you feel will be best for yourself at this current juncture in your life, you should own it.
Love who you are.
If that’s being a bachelor out having fun, don’t feel ashamed of your freeness, let it shine.
When we tell women we’re ready to settle down and lie about commitment being a priority, it not only sends mixed signals, it robs us of the liberty to be ourselves.
Similarly, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for wanting something more domestic. Be upfront about your desires.
Being upfront and honest with yourself and living out your feelings is so important because it lets your confidence shine.
Any game you could hope to have is naturally embedded in the fabric of your personality.
And when you’re living out your truths, whether that be the goal to have multiple relations or one significant one, it allows you to showcase the best you.
Yes, you will meet women who are turned off and who may have different intentions, but you’ll be surprised at a number of women who find it refreshing to see how upfront you are.

Owning Your Sexuality

A crucial component to being in control of your dating life and ultimately being unbreakable is owning your sexuality.
A lot of times we’re shy about what we want. Whether from fear of being judged or fear of rejection we keep our sexuality buried.
But this is completely counter to what we’re supposed to do.
We have to use our sexuality. It’s actually a big part of owning your dating life and getting women. When you walk in the room women should feel your presence.
When you look a woman in the eye, she should feel your desire. When you have a conversation with a group of women, they should sense the raw unfiltered testosterone in you.
Not by what you say exactly, but just by the way you carry yourself.
We think sexiness will turn a woman off, but the only women that actually are, will be the women you don’t want in the first place. This is what separates the selector and the selected.
This is also what differentiates the guys who are thrown in the friend zone and the guy who goes home with a woman the same night of meeting her.


Being in control of your dating life is not just one or the other of these concepts, it takes calibrating them all together to achieve a true unbreakable mindset.
When you find out what you best need to be the happiest in your life right now, own who you find and then tap into your sexuality, there will not be anything that can truly derail you in your dating life.
The liberty that you will naturally exude will attract women, the confidence you have in what you bring to the table will give you support after disappointing trials and trusting in your sexuality will take you into bedrooms you never thought of.
It’s time to take back your dating life. Let it be an area you strive, not survive.

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