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Terry Crews Shares His Secrets Behind How He Stays Ridiculously Shredded

Terry Crews Shares His Secrets Behind How He Stays Ridiculously Shredded

BY Staff

Terry Crews Shares His Secrets Behind How He Stays Ridiculously Shredded

Terry Crews is a 6’3″ 245 48-year-old who usually has the best body of any room he stands in.
The ex-NFL player turned actor is a funny guy who’s appeared in everything from Everybody Hates Chris to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and has actually landed a couple of commercials based solely off his impeccable physique.
So how does someone pushing 50 keep in shape? Well, in a brief sit-down with Business Insider Crews reveals all of his secrets. Here are some anyone, no matter where they are in they’re road to fitness, can adopt.

Make working out a lifestyle

How many days a week do you workout? A couple? Maybe Every other day? Well, one of Crews’ main keys to staying in peak shape is gym consistency.
After being cut from the NFL, Crews went through a bout of depression, resulting in him gaining 25 lbs. What’s incredibly inspirational is that 25lbs is all it took for him to decide to never let himself slip like that again.
Now Crews says he doesn’t go one day without working out.  Not one. Here he is on pumping iron:

“If I felt it wasn’t gonna happen I would feel like there was something wrong with the universe.”

When you see Crews, you see a guy that is jacked beyond compare. But what you probably don’t know is that he runs every day, four miles a day to be exact.
Running is more than cardio for Crews, it actually helps equalize his energy. “My brain, they way it works, It needs that,” Crews says.

The gym is his sanctuary
You will have the most ripped body of all-time the moment you make the gym your getaway, which is exactly what Crews has done.
The gym is his spa, his escape from the world, his meditation, and it shows. A lot of us struggle to get in shape because we find going to the gym a chore — this makes the routine that much more difficult.
When you find solace in the gym you’ll have no other choice but to be in perfect health. Terry on the gym:

“It’s literally my lifeblood. It’s one of those things where it’s my meditation, it’s my spa time, and I enjoy it. You really need to try a workout that you like and you will see the difference in your life.”

Everybody is going to want the body the next guy has. What’s important is that you find what best works for you then and consistently practice it.
Watch the rest of the interview here.

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