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Subway Singer Wows Bystanders With Heart-Wrenching Performance

Subway Singer Wows Bystanders With Heart-Wrenching Performance

BY Staff

Subway Singer Wows Bystanders With Heart-Wrenching Performance

The morning commute can be a time of darkness and impending doom. You’re tired, you’re late, you spilled coffee on your new tie. It sucks.
But every once in awhile we get a gift from the commuter gods and get an amazing subway performance to make our mornings that much better.

This guy was spotted in the New York City subway absolutely ripping it up, sending social media into a frenzy.
Apparently he has somewhat of a reputation, as numerous other videos began to flood in from previous performances.
We still don’t know the identity of this man, but someone needs to get dude a record deal.
Here’s another clip of him serenading waiting passengers waiting to board their train.

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