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Never Too Late: These Are The Signs You Need A Life Overhaul

Never Too Late: These Are The Signs You Need A Life Overhaul

BY Staff

Never Too Late: These Are The Signs You Need A Life Overhaul

Do you need a life overhaul? All of us — even the bear-slaying champions who can crush boulders with their hands — go through bad stretches. It’s just part of life.
But here’s the thing: Bad stretches aren’t all created equal.
Sometimes, it’s a bump in the road that will smooth out, but sometimes you’re headed down a path that’s only going to get worse.
One requires you to stay patient and persist. The other one might call for you to smack the chessboard off the table and mix up all the pieces.
How do you know which is which? Well, here are the signs that your life needs an overhaul:

Your First Waking Thought Is Consistently Something Like, “Damn it.”

Look, you’re gonna have bad days. Unfortunately, every day isn’t going to be a hopeful, empowering adventure.
But if majority of the time you make a huge stink about what you need to do — and this attitude has lasted awhile — then it’s time to make a change.
Life’s too short for it to suck, and if you keep doing something you hate, you will burn yourself out.

Your Future Doesn’t Build On What You’re Doing Now

One of the most powerful mental exercises you can do is to imagine your ideal future. Imagine what you do on a daily basis. Imagine the relationships you have. Image the things that you have. Imagine how you feel day to day.
Then see things as they are now.
There’s a gap, and it’s your job to close it. It starts with creating a roadmap to get there, and that means building on achievement after achievement until you get to where you want to be.
Take a look at where you are: Can you build on it? Or, are you headed down a path that’s wildly different from where you want to go?
If it’s the latter, then get off now. It’ll only get harder the longer you put it off.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear A Life Overhaul

A life overhaul is scary. It means that you’re taking huge changes: your job, your relationships, your home, your life philosophy. Sure, it takes balls, but you shouldn’t be afraid to do it.
Too often, people are worried that these changes are going to end up worse than they were before. They’re worried about losing what they already have.
It’s a very common psychological response. You know what you have, which is something, and you don’t want to end up with nothing. Something > Nothing.
Here’s the thing, though: It doesn’t really work that way.
If what you have sucks or is just meh, then the chances of you ever being fulfilled are basically zero. If your chances of fulfillment are zero, then making a big change statistically cannot be worse in that regard. Even if you picked these changes totally at random, they would be more likely to improve your life.
And you aren’t doing this at random. You’re putting a lot of thought into your decisions.
Most people make the mistake of selling themselves short. They settle for too little and convince themselves that it’s OK, even when it’s not.
Don’t be one of those people. Never settle.

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