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Strength In Numbers: Signs You’re An Extroverted Introvert

Strength In Numbers: Signs You’re An Extroverted Introvert

BY Staff

Strength In Numbers: Signs You’re An Extroverted Introvert

No one falls perfectly on one side of the extrovert or introvert spectrum, but it’s also nearly impossible to fall right in the middle.


We all display extroversion and introversion, but one tends to come out more than the other.

And people who are mostly introverted with unusually high outgoing tendencies are a special breed that confuses their family and friends.

Not sure if you fall under this category?

Check out these signs and if you find yourself nodding while reading, you’re definitely an outgoing introvert. Welcome to the club, friend.

1. Some of the best weekends of your life have been days at a time spent away from home 

Although you really love the solitude of your home, you definitely have been known to enjoy days away from it traveling or on vacation. Of course, the minute those crazy days are over, you crash so hard. After a good bender weekend, you need quiet, a bubble bath, and a good Netflix binge day.

2. Your opinion about parties changes often

Some nights all you want to do is head to a party and dance the night away with your friends while sipping on some insanely named cocktail. Other nights, you feel awkward as hell trying to keep a smile on your face while wishing you could be anywhere but a place with blaring music and a bunch of sexually charged people dancing. How you feel about parties really just depends on your mood and temperament that day, so it’s hard to tell how you’ll react until you actually get there.

3. Your surroundings have to be just right for you to be the life of the party


While you’d much rather be at home enjoying a good Netflix binge session, it’s not unheard of for you to be the center of attention when you’re at a party or bar – but the settings and situation have to be perfect for you to let loose enough to draw attention to yourself.

Usually this means that you’re already comfortable with the people you’re hanging with and that the setting is familiar to you.

If you’re at a networking event, you’d much rather charm one or two people at a time and leave the big spotlight to someone else who can handle that much attention from strangers.

4. You need to mentally prepare yourself for meeting new people (but you always seem comfortable)


While you don’t mind meeting new people, you need to know ahead of time so that you can mentally talk yourself into going along with all of the small talk (which introverts typically hate) and boring get-to-know-you conversation topics.

The funny thing, though, is that people meeting you for the first time would never guess that you fall father to the side of introversion because you can fake enjoying small talk so well.

Your friends are used to getting texts from you asking, “Who’s going to the party?” And while it annoys them to no avail (because they don’t have to prepare themselves to meet new people), they’ve already gotten used to it and will reply letting you know that there will be lots of strangers to you at the gathering.

5. You have a hard time deciding which sucks more FOMO or FOGO


The introverted side of you wants to stay in every Friday, but when you do and you see all the photos posted on social media from the shindig that you skipped, the outgoing side of you is always pissed that you willingly missed out on a fun night.

No matter what choice you make, you’re always convinced it was the wrong one.

6. You tend to balance out your company


When you’re hanging out with your insanely extroverted friend, you tend to calm down and let her take over the conversation. However, when you’re having a coffee with your friend who is a total introvert, your talkative side rears its chatty little head. And this brings us at last to number 7.

7.  You never hate on bars or clubs

Sure, maybe going to a bar or club every single night would drive you mad and exhaust you of all your energy, but you’re not opposed to the occasional wild night out once in a while either. You know that bars can be fun when you have the social energy to enjoy them.


1) Do you find that you fall or the scale closer to introverted or extroverted?

2) What social situations do you feel most comfortable in?

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