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The Science Of Attraction: How To Show Your Most Attractive Self

The Science Of Attraction: How To Show Your Most Attractive Self

BY Staff

The Science Of Attraction: How To Show Your Most Attractive Self

As much as we’d like to, you cannot manipulate the emotions of the woman you admire by plucking off the petals on your neighbors newly blossomed flowers, hoping to land on ‘she loves me’.
Attraction doesn’t work like that.
I mean, in a perfect world, we’d have it so that everyone was attracted to us.
The women we like (of course), but even the people we necessarily don’t. We want moms to like us. We want our bosses to like us.
Same goes for the guy who stole your next tattoo idea — deep down his approval means something to us, too. These are facts.
But, of course, we also know that such subjectivity is nearly impossible to control. In result, we put zero to no effort into our engagements under the misinformation that she’ll either like what she see’s or not.
And for the most part, this is true. As soon as a woman sees you, she’s already decided if you’re attractive or not.
But what if I told you that in every encounter with a woman you see, you can present your most attractive self?
What if, instead of pissing off the neighborhood florist, you can prepare yourself with a mindset and attitude that gives you the best possible chance at letting her see your highlights?
Well, you can with the science of attractiveness. And this is how.

Attractiveness Happens Unconsciously 

Imagine the millions of thoughts that fly through your head as you approach that fine specimen you laid eyes on.
You’re questioning your appearance, your hygiene, you’re rehearsing lines — you’re a nervous wreck.
When you finally get to her, although you may feel as though you’ve masked these wide ranges of emotions, they’re really revealing themselves in subtle ways which ultimately tips her off.
Suddenly she’s sensing your uncertainty and whichever chances you had, are gone.
It’s all about micromanaging your sub-communications.
There are 90 different facial actions on our face. The problem is that we’re feeling and transferring the wrong emotions.
Nervousness, sexuality too soon, doubt, etc. are all detectable and stack the odds against us.
Attraction is intuitive and is mainly made up of nonverbal cues. 55% is the body, 38% is vocal tonality, and the last 7% is what you say. And this entire breakdown is predicated on your thoughts and how you feel.
They are all a part of our rapid unconscious cognitions.
Your mental and emotional state drives your body language/voice and whatever emotions we’re feeling is automatically expressed by the muscles in our face — it’s an emotional feedback loop.
We can try to control how we feel by changing how we look — like standing up straight or forcing a smile — but she will pick up on it anyway.

You Can’t Fake The Vibe

Confidence has long been preached as the correct attitude to maintain whenever you’re planning to make the woman you just met fall in love with you, but there is a science behind that theory that not only backs it up but goes into explaining how to tap into your attractiveness.
Mirror neurons are neurons located in the primitive areas of our brain and are incredibly sensitive.
Women receive vibes in their mirror neurons from what’s going on with our mirror neurons and it’s all unconscious. This includes the sensuality of a sexy smile, twitches, nervous mannerisms and even defeat.
These emotions bypass the brain’s verbal processing area and go straight to our perceptions.
The moment a woman see’s an emotion on our face she will then feel that exact same emotion. Which is why we should use this science to our advantage.
Instead of trying to manipulate our expression, we should, before hand, try to influence our feelings.
This will be a lot easier and it also translates more effectively. By generating the desired state in self you can induce the desired state in others. You want to change from feeling nervous to feeling confident?
Instead of trying to change your face, change your temperament. This will go a long way.

She Feels As You Feel

Managing your emotional state and then transferring them for her to feel is the Jedi level mastery that you ultimately want to get under your belt.
When you feel attractive, you’re going to make her feel attractive.
Approach with confidence, happiness, excitement, and optimism. Don’t try to paint these characteristics on your face but genuinely feel them inside.
Because of her mirror neurons, she’s going to sense that sincerity, adding points to your overall attractiveness in the process.
This is why it’s imperative to be in tune with which emotions we’re transferring. Half the time we end up ruining what’s already ours just because our heads aren’t in the right place.
She agrees to the date, but our mind is on how nice the restaurant is and if you have to foot the bill.
Or maybe our mind is completely lustful; she’s going to sense that and it will probably end your date sooner than later if she’s not on that wavelength.
Hone in on why you’re dating her in the first place, what you find beautiful about her and confide in the confidence you have in what you offer as a partner.
When you do this, no matter how attractive you are to the eye, it will increase when you open your mouth.
Showing your most attractive self is believing you are attractive and believing you at your truest self is enough.
That’s something you don’t have to mask, manipulate or dress up. Regardless if it’s a local sweetheart or pageant queen, if you approach knowing you like you and you like her, she’ll be able to see that.
No, not everyone is going to like you or be your type.
But conditioning your feelings in a way where you always feel worthy is going to keep you from missing out on the ones that may think so, too.
When you approach the plate every time with the most genuine belief you’re the right guy to hit the ball out of the park, one day you’ll receive the perfect pitch to do so.

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