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The Ultimate Path To Success: Why You Must Invest In Yourself

The Ultimate Path To Success: Why You Must Invest In Yourself

BY Staff

The Ultimate Path To Success: Why You Must Invest In Yourself

We make ourselves far too disposable.
From the time we spend, the money we spend and the energy we spend, we devote the majority of ourselves to others.
If you’re anything like me, you hate disappointing people.
If someone asks me for a favor, without thinking, as if it was a reflex, I volunteer myself.
I’m on phone calls longer than I’d like in fear of hurting someone’s feelings and I always seem to be in a position where I’m thinking of how to get out of a commitment I didn’t mean to make.
The problem is not being too nice or being a decent human, even. I’m not questioning the hand we extend to those less fortunate than us.
Rather, I’m taking note of the one we lend to ourselves.
From the institutions we enroll to further our education, the firms we stress tirelessly to perform well for, to the women we break our back to appease or acquire, it’s easy to forget about yourself.
Yes, you may do the bare essentials — you feed yourself, you’re well groomed and you get a good night’s rest — but do you place the commitment, resources, and intention on yourself like you do everything else?
When we take significant measures to ensure that we, ourselves, are taken care of, it then opens the door for us to strive in other areas of our life.
Our physical, mental and hearts should be routinely monitored and taken care of.
There are ways to make ourselves just as much a priority as we do everything else in our life and we benefit when we do.

Physical Health

As an adult, we all know that everything trickles down and is predicated on satisfying our bills.
So whatever weekly responsibilities are needed to take care of all of them, no matter how, is a pretty major priority.
Because our jobs are so important and stressful we often want to balance that through some form of recreational output.
We go out for drinks, we go out to eat, we get on our game consoles to shake off the weight of the day, but how much commitment do we make to breaking a sweat?
You don’t have to wait till you’re out of shape or when you hate seeing what’s in the mirror to work out. Attention to physical health is essential to making you the best person you can be.
Exercise not only improves your physical fitness, research indicates that it can also significantly help depression and other mental health issues like anxiety.
You’ll be amazed at the positivity you’ll gain, the energy you have and the motivation you’ll possess when you commit to catering to your physical wellness.
The indirect success should be enough of an incentive in itself.
Not only will you be addressing your physical and mental well-being, but women will be more attracted to the confidence you exude.
Yoga classes, a jog around your neighborhood in the morning or even enrolling in classes at your local gym all cost a piece of your time but are all smart ways to invest in yourself.

Mental Health

When we break an arm we get a cast, and when we have a headache we take an aspirin, but when we’re feeling sad or going through something we don’t want to see a psychiatrist.
It’s important to break down the negative stereotypes surrounding mental health and the manner in which we seek it.
Even if it isn’t a therapist, we should have outlets that let us ventilate and restore our mental state.
Alone time is a good example of this. If we leave it up to our schedules we’d be going from one function to another, from one meeting to the next, off one date to the next one.
It’s important to have your time. Read a book, go to the park, get lost in a Netflix show — alone.
If you go too long without attending to your mental stability you’ll find yourself spiraling out of control.
You want to feel refreshed and on top of your game in every arena you occupy and when you clear your mind regularly this is what you can achieve.
Even when it comes to dating. You minimize the baggage — or have it more under control, rather — when your mind is on point.
You don’t have to worry about your issues distracting or being a problem for you with a woman you’re into because they will be things you are on top of.

Health of Heart

So how do you invest in your heart? Make investments to how you feel? Well, the best way to keep your heart healthy is to protect it.
Instead of throwing your emotions into each and every woman you come across, you should be comfortable not dating women.
Learn how to not have an agenda with women, learn how to reserve yourself and not be one to constantly pour yourself out.
Entering relations and relationships take a lot more out of us than we think. When we are uncomfortable with ourselves, with being alone, we end up polluting ourselves by filling that void with people.
Our hearts should strengthen by us learning to love ourselves.
When we do this — when we begin to value what we bring to the table, when we are ready to get into a relationship — we’ll be more confident and selective with who we give our hearts to.
Imagine a life when you’re paying more attention and placing more time and effort in how you feel and how you want to be treated.
Invest in yourself and you’ll soon see that you’ll be able to invest more in others.

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