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Learn It On The Ice: 5 Life Lessons From Playing Hockey

Learn It On The Ice: 5 Life Lessons From Playing Hockey

BY Staff

Learn It On The Ice: 5 Life Lessons From Playing Hockey

Teaching life lessons at an early age is key to a life of success. How those lessons are acknowledged is important for shaping the person to become the best that they can be.
One way to start, hockey. Of course it comes with its risks, but what is something great that doesn’t?
Having played hockey since I was three years old, I think that many who also play the sport would agree that it has made an impact on their life for the better.
From discipline, to work ethic, I felt prepared going out into the real world and a big thanks to that goes to hockey.

It all starts with commitment

From parents having to wake up early on Sunday morning, to traveling around the city, hockey begins with commitment and continues with passion.
You are introduced to something that gives you pleasure and in order to maintain that, you must meet your end and stay committed and working hard at it.
That means: building a routine, playing with heart, and being on time. Repetition is crucial for naturally performing at a high level and what you put in will determine the results that you get out.
Whether you’re in your yard shooting the puck one hundred times a day, or setting a schedule to work on a certain project for seven hours, six days a week, success will be met during unexpected hours.

Work Smart

It’s important to set goals, but even more important how you tackle them.
The hockey mentality prepares you to focus on one goal at a time in order to win, much like a starting a business or completing a plan.
Taking on more than you can handle may set you back, but if you focus on one area that you think needs work, you will grow.
Master it and move onto something else. For anything you are passionate about, there usually isn’t a moment that goes by where you aren’t thinking of improving on it.

Healthy lifestyle

If there is a full body exercises that’s actually fun to do, it’s hockey. You’re not only working out your arms, legs and core, but on your cardio and thinking skills, as well.
I like to believe that in order to be great, you must understand the importance of confidence in your decision making. A saying goes, “hockey is 10% physical and 90% mental.”
With that being said, it is vital to learn how to work with others in order to do so.

Hockey teaches you teamwork

Do your share for the team and perform the best you can. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you know that for the next few hours, it’s time to figure out how you can contribute to the team and achieve a victory.
Unlike many sports where the efforts of one individual can win you the game, hockey teaches you how to succeed with the players around you.
Whatever your coach or captain tells you to do, it’s probably something they have experienced, so listen, learn, and pass it down!


If you are going to your first game, you may wonder how and why physical play can escalate on the ice.
Most of the time, it’s sticking up for your brothers wearing the same name on the front of your sweater. What I mean by that is, if you hit one of the guys on the opposing team, you better be ready for battle.

After all, loyalty is a virtue that creates the strongest foundation.
There is this feeling of ease and excitement while you’re lacing up your skates, where everything that is happening in the outside world doesn’t matter.
The best thing is, you are not only learning a great deal about yourself, but about your surroundings, too.
It is something that I would not trade back, even if I knew going into it that I would lose a tooth and need stitches.
So the next time you start putting your equipment on before a game, relax and enjoy the process. Not everyone is fortunate enough to play hockey.

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