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Lenovo Makes VR Accessible To The Masses With Budget Headset

Lenovo Makes VR Accessible To The Masses With Budget Headset

BY Chris Wong

Lenovo Makes VR Accessible To The Masses With Budget Headset

It seems that hardware is the new trending fad in technology. With new materials, a shift from wearables to IoT devices, and the emboldened presence of stronger handsets, to support advancements such as VR and augmented reality, the future seems to reflect that age-old theory that the singularity is painting for us.

With every company tipping their hat into the realm of virtual reality it only makes sense that Lenovo would bow into the field.

Currently, the big names in VR – Oculus (which was bought out by Facebook), HTC, Microsoft (with their very far in the future Hololens), and to an extent Sony with Playstation VR are dominant at different price points and functionality.

Of these big names, Sony is in the most dominant position by undercutting the competition with a $400 price point for their Playstation 4 integrated VR experience.

But for obvious reasons, there’s a massive caveat in only having functionality on one console. Lenovo’s untitled VR headset plans to make competition in the low-budget field and undercut the rest of the field.

Making its debut at CES this year, the budget VR experience is described to be comparable to experiences provided by products like the Rift and Vive, with CNET applauding the significantly lighter build and glasses-friendly design in comparison to other headsets on the market.

However, the fledgling device does come with its own set of drawbacks.

Despite their cameras allowing full room movement tracking and a higher resolution, with the operating system being based on Windows 10 infrastructure, the lack of Vive or Oculus apps compatibility means that for the time being you can’t use it for gaming.

While VR is not commercially available yet, every company in the market right now knows that immersive experiences will be the future of consumer electronics.

Although there are drawbacks of clunky, oversized units holding the industry back, budget VR experiences are a nice way to integrate audiences into this new realm.

Look forward to Lenovo’s headset in the coming year.

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