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3 Invaluable Investments Every Man Needs To Make To Better Their Lives

3 Invaluable Investments Every Man Needs To Make To Better Their Lives

BY Staff

3 Invaluable Investments Every Man Needs To Make To Better Their Lives

Where do you invest the most? In terms of time, energy, emotions, money; where do you find yourself placing the most value?
Money is an investment that we are the most aware of. Its management is taught in universities as majors and our parents have always warned of its misuse. Yet it’s still difficult managing those investments.
Self-care is another. Between gym memberships, grooming utensils, and clothes, it’s safe to say that men take a great deal in investing in how they look. I’ve seen guys with a closet full of Jordans that would rival any women’s heel collection.
I know dudes who’ll look up beard grooming techniques and others who literally walk everywhere with a brush, desperately trying to get waves.
I also see guys all over social media, showing off their gym commitment like it’s a trophy wife. All honorable investments I’m sure.
Maybe for you, it’s women. For some, that’s what it’s all about. The chase. Or, possibly, you’re the type to dedicate everything into the women you have: your ambitions, your friends, and sometimes family. That too is an investment.
All which are okay, if that’s your prerogative. But understand they are conscious commitments we make in hopes of some benefit.
As important as personal goals are and as significant the progress we make is, there are key things that every man — and everyone, really —  should invest in; things that don’t detract but are assets to whichever endeavor we are trying to pursue.
As we go through life it’s imperative that we’re cognizant of where we place value, and these are three specific ones that we should never forget.


Education, information, history, know-how, whatever you want to call it, we should be constantly making some investment into acquiring more of it.
How does that look, you might ask?
Subscribe to a podcast — they’re free and an endless variety to choose from.  Reading a new book every month is always a good way to gain more knowledge. Even watching the news more, or educating yourself on what’s really going on with our government and political atmosphere –which now is as great a time as ever — would behoove you. And the list goes on.
You will never know enough. There will always and forever be more to learn, and that, being a fact in itself, should solely inspire you to try and obtain as much as you can.
The crazy thing is, with the internet, learning something new is too easy. There is an app that teaches you Spanish for crying out loud. There is no excuse or reason not to try and get all you can.
The Benefits? The more you know the more you can accomplish. The more you would understand what is and isn’t worth your precious time.  We must invest in our self-education, at all costs.


Back in the day, one would say man-skills were all about knowing how to work on a car or knowing your way around wiring.
Today, many would attain that coding is the invaluable asset to have. Regardless, having some kind of skill is an investment every man should be adamant about.
Having some type of skill is important because it separates you from your job — it gives you an identity outside of your main talent.
Having a skill is like have a fall-back, so that no matter what, there is always something you can do to get you off the ground if need be. Skills are also amazing to share and pass down.
Women love it when you can hold a note or throw it down in the kitchen alongside your finance gig. You might cut hair on the side and end up earning an extra buck in slower seasons. You can always have anther tool in the bag.
Whether it’s something that gives you an advantage in your career or it’s something that gets you women, having a skill set is not only important to have but important to hone.


Experiences season our cultural perspective. They throw us in unfamiliar environments that force us to think in ways we hadn’t before and adapt in ways that will be useful going forward.
We have to try and reach for more experiences. It can be as small as ordering the number seven, instead of the number one for the first time. It can be joining a cycling club or going to a different country.
We need experiences to remind us how alive we are. It might be worth using your savings for that one trip that kinda landed in your lap. Pick the grad school on the east coast, don’t be afraid to go.
A lot of times we compromise our experiences to doubt, insecurities, lack of preparedness or just neglect. It’s okay to put money aside for that road trip. Two years overseas might be worth it, you never know.
You cannot put a value on memories. They are the hallmarks of the tics we put in here on earth. So we should be conscious on the investments we take in getting more of them. Plus we’re worth it.
We make investments every day. Some have monetary value and others cost our time. We are in complete control of the investments we make, as long as we know when and where we are making them. Once we do, we can allot them in whatever area of out lives we see fit.
Don’t only make investments in the material things, but make investments in the places where we will see the greatest long-term return.
As venture down our path to success and grow older you’ll find that in life it is the smart investments that end of securing of future the most. Make sure you are mindful of that.

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