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You Can Now Protect Your Home Via Security Drone On Your Phone


You Can Now Protect Your Home Via Security Drone On Your Phone

As technology continues to change our daily lives, we can only expect these next level advancements to literally reinvent the we do everything.

And when it comes to your home security, the outdated alarm system which simply notifies if somebody is intruding has already become obsolete, thanks to new drones that investigate occurrences at your crib.

The Sunflower Labs is making this a reality with a new home awareness system that you can control via smartphone.

By using smart lights placed throughout your home and backyard, video data is analyzed to detect motions and differentiate those between humans, cars and even animals.

While there have been no studies conducted yet, just the thought of a drone circling someone’s house should drop the chances of an intruder trying to break in pretty exponentially.

Let’s just hope that potential burglars don’t realize that all they have to do is remove the smart lights to get past the drone itself. Other than that, this invention is revolutionary.

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