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Guy Makes His Own Dating App Where He’s The Only Guy On It

Guy Makes His Own Dating App Where He’s The Only Guy On It

BY Staff

Guy Makes His Own Dating App Where He’s The Only Guy On It

Remember those days back in elementary school when everyone had a Valentine?
My teachers used to set up paper bags with the names of everyone in the class and the next day the entire class would come in on Valentine’s day with candy and miniature cards and everyone would get a valentine.
Back then we attributed love and Valentine’s Day with candy. I guess, to a kid sharing candy is showing “love” so it wasn’t too far off. Nowadays February 14th is a much more complicated day.
According to statistics by Bing, 53 percent of women say that they would end their relationships if they didn’t get anything for Valentine’s day.
The dinner reservation at the perfect spot, getting that bouquet of flowers sent to the right cubicle, the rose petals that lead to the romantic scene you’ve set.
And all of that is if you even have a date. Yes, that’s right.
Sadly, the real world is nothing like the days of elementary. Believe it or not, some Valentine’s days may go by without a date or a single piece of candy. Scary, but it happens.
Valentine’s day is coming up and like most single men out there you probably don’t have someone to share it with.
If you have a profile on Tinder you know the odds are stacked against you, there’s a sea of men to choose from and men are far less selective than their female counterparts.
European Scientist studied the behavior of Tinder users and found that majority of women only swipe right for the men they are actually interested in, while the men who use the app are far less picky and stingy with their right swipes.
One genius took it into his own hands, boosting his own chances.
London-born, Shed Simove created an app called Shinder, which is almost exactly like Tinder but with a surprise power move.
He’s the only male user on the entire app! The app follows the tagline “quality, not quantity”

“I joined all the usual dating apps and sites. I quickly realized that it’s tough to stand out and get noticed.”

According to The Mirror, he’s already amassed over 100 matches so far.
When asked why he chose to create Shinder, Shed replied that he wanted to give himself a “competitive advantage” by reducing a woman’s choice to just one man, Himself.
What do you think about Shinder?

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