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Craig Sager Remembered By Stars And Sports Figures Across The World

Craig Sager Remembered By Stars And Sports Figures Across The World

BY Staff

Craig Sager Remembered By Stars And Sports Figures Across The World

Yesterday afternoon, TNT released a statement announcing the passing of beloved NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager who was known for his flamboyant style and his affability.
Sager would find humor in the most tense of situations, the perfect foil for ultra-competitive figures like Gregg Popovich and Kevin Garnett. He perfected the mid-game interview.
These interviews were mostly short on actual information and full of jokes and humor. Craig Sager did as much to humanize the coaches and players that we think of as so inaccessible.
Whether it was his stone-faced reaction to KG’s multiple shots at his outfits or Gregg Popovich refusing to tell him anything about his team’s strategy, Sager brought out the best of these famous sports personalities.
It is so telling when Sager was told he had 3 to 6 months to live back in March, tributes to the man poured in from all corners of the sports and pop culture world.
Sager was there with us in our living rooms and the bars. He brought humanity, comedy, and the best fuckin’ suits around to the sometimes monotonous broadcasts he was on.
Many NBA fans in their 20s simply don’t know basketball games without Craig Sager’s presence on the sideline.
He was taken far too soon, at the age of 65; there will be a big whole on the sideline of those TNT NBA broadcasts and in our hearts.
Rest In Power Craig Sager. We know you’ll be holding it down in those fire suits of yours.

The loss of Craig Sager means a lot to many Americans who were inspired by his fight until the very end.

As well as every NBA great who got to know him over the years.

Players like Damian Lillard are keeping his spirit alive this week.

NBA legends like Magic Johnson also sent out their condolences to Sager’s family.

Even baseball legends like Han Aaron paid their respects.

Current NBA stars like Vince Carter chose to share personal moments they had with Craig on social media.

All across the league, the outpouring of love has been sent.

These players got to see Craig Sager’s true passion for the game every night.

From the stars of yesterday…

To the stars of tomorrow…

Craig Sager’s impact on the game of basketball had to do more with the actual game itself.

Even stars from the NFL sent out their prayers for Craig’s family.

And the WWE…

His affect on the world clearly went beyond basketball.

His inspiring speech at the 2016 ESPYs proved that he is truly one of a kind.

 Craig Sager was a man who lived life just the way he wanted to; with style and kindness.

Which is why a tribute like a “moment of joy” instead of silence makes much more sense.

His son, Craig Sager Jr, had the best tribute to his late father.

You will be missed Craig Sager, but your legacy will continue to live on forever!

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