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Why You Must Carve Your Own Path As A Man And Think For Yourself

Why You Must Carve Your Own Path As A Man And Think For Yourself

BY Staff

Why You Must Carve Your Own Path As A Man And Think For Yourself

We’re all trying to accomplish something in life.
Whatever it might be, we’re all going after one thing or another. Some of us want to have six-pack abs, thus making us look good on the beach next summer.
Some want to run for public office and win to help their respective area of the world. Regardless of the reason, we’re all going for something.
Heck, even kids have goals that they want to go after. When I was a kid, I wanted to beat the video game Crash Bandicoot.
I was given a wonderful PS1 with this game included and happened to be such a big fan of the game that my only goal as a kid (at that time) was to beat it.
I would end up accomplishing my goal. However, it took some time to do.
The reasons we have for wanting to do what we do might vary. Perhaps we have that little thing within us that leads us to want it so badly, that we must do it.
That inner-voice can sometimes lead you down the wrong path, but usually, it is your gut trying to lead you in the direction you need to go.
This is not the same direction for everyone, but your own path to take.
This can suck to do, as it can sometimes ruin friendships and other relationships. The path you take in life may not be one that certain people can follow with you.
This is not universal for all paths, but for many, that is the case. That inner-voice within us may be wrong, but it does not feel wrong at that time and thus, we do what we do.
Sometimes a wrong decision can even lead us to the right place we’re supposed to be anyway. Therefore, giving us the right decision in the end.
The worst thing that we can do, however, is to try to accomplish something for someone else and not ourselves.
Many of us are in this position today. We’re doing things we don’t want to do, all to accomplish a goal we do not care about, all to satisfy someone else and not ourselves.
We’re wasting our lives just to be good for another, yet we die inside every day we have to pretend we’re interested in this path.
Perhaps your father owns a business and wants to pass it down to you. Let’s say it is a real estate business. It is successful and he’s well-off in life.
He’s willing to pay for your new car as a kid, the insurance and gas for it.
He’s even willing to pay for college just to make sure you’re ready to run the business in the future. You’re feeling as if you MUST become what he’s wanting you to be.
He’s so willing to help you get to this place that he’ll pay for all expenses, and that is tough to find and turn down.
Who could turn down running a top business?? You can.
This business may not be in you to do. Maybe you want to be a lawyer, doctor, or something else that has nothing to do with real estate at all.
This is not a bad thing, and if you’re willing to do your best, your father should be supportive of your move.
He may be disappointed that you are not going to run the business that he wants to leave to you.
However, he should love you regardless. It may be hard to talk to him about it, but you must to be happy for yourself.
In the end, if you’re not happy doing something, why are you doing it?
Sometimes we will do things we do not want to do to get to the places we want to be. However, other times we do things with no end-goal for our happiness.
This is not right, and not fair to yourself.
Years ago, I had a tough time dealing with pain problems. I had to get better and not be as bad as I was.
I took medication I did not need to take. I did what I had to do, I felt, to survive. We all have that instinct within us that helps us get to those levels in life.
I told myself that I was doing it because others wanted me to. However, I did not need to think of it that way. Until I did it for myself, I wasn’t going to get to the place I needed to be.
While others wanted me clean and sober and pain-free, I wanted to be as well. That did not mean I was willing to get there at that time.
I left that world behind because I realized it was not right to be in, and I had goals I wanted to accomplish that did not include having me die from an overdose or bender of some kind.
I was better than this, and I knew it. That was the moment that things changed.
No matter what, I’ll credit many for helping me get to where I needed to be. There were many who were willing to do all they could for me. That helped me extremely.
However, I credit myself a lot more, because I had to want to be there before I could ever make it.
We’re all trying to accomplish something, and that is a personal goal we might have that others may not share with us.
That is okay, and we should strive to accomplish it no matter what we have to do to reach it. Yet, we also must put what others want for us behind.
We cannot live up to the expectations of what others want for us when we do not want that for ourselves. It isn’t right to ask of us as individuals.
We need to be better.
Turn down the job, turn down the money, turn down the opportunity. If it means you get to where you want to be, it might be tough to leave a world all set-up for you to succeed in.
You might fail in your new world a bit, but that is perfectly fine. Success is built from failure.
If we succeeded all the time, we would never know how to deal with failure when it did finally come.
Albert Einstein did not speak with people until he reached over ten years of age. People considered him to be an idiot.
Thomas Edison failed at inventing the light bulb thousands of times. Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime.
Despite all of this, geniuses and inventions, as well as recognition, were born. These men needed to fail before they succeeded. You may do that too, and that is okay.
Fail, succeed. As long as you’re happy with the decision you made to jump into this new world, can you really be upset with the move?

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