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Attraction Isn’t Static

Attraction Isn’t Static

BY Staff

Attraction Isn’t Static

One of the common things you hear guys say is that “I can get attraction, but…” or “I can’t get attraction.”
If you’re speaking like this, you’ve probably read some of the Mystery Method stuff where there are three “phases” to a conversation – attraction, comfort and seduction.
But what people usually mean to say when they talk like this is “I can’t get a girl into me” or “I can’t get a girl into me.”
Here’s the thing – attraction isn’t static. You don’t get it then always have it. This seems obvious when you think about it, but its not how a lot of guys think about it.
If you get a girl into you in the first three minutes – enough so that she’ll continue to talk to you – then that’s great. But if you introduce her to your friends and they are all making fun of you, hitting on her, and you’re not doing anything about it, she’s going to lose interest mighty fast.
Don’t mistake “opening a conversation successfully and generating interest” for attraction.  The latter can come and go in the blink of an eye.

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