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5 Rules to Running a Jay Z Style Side Hustle


5 Rules to Running a Jay Z Style Side Hustle

Hoping to come into more money?


Then really only a few options you have:

  • Save more money by becoming frugal (advised)
  • Rob a bank (ill advised)
  • Become a sexy male stripper (depends on ab situation)
  • Get a side hustle (great option)

So, know that we know our options, what the hell is a side hustle? Let’s turn to the ever trusty Urban Dictionary to find out.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.34.57 PM

Having a side hustle is a great way to earn money, unleash your creativity, and take risks.

Looking for a side hustle? Here are a few common side hustles that people go after:

  • Photography for evening events
  • Copy writing online
  • Baby sitting
  • Food delivery
  • Air BnB (Renting out a room/house)
  • Write online reviews
  • Tutoring or coaching

Knowing all this, it seems like there’s hardly any downside to having a side hustle – but this is where people are wrong.

Having the ability to balance your side hustle between your day job is not only imperative to making that extra money you’re after, but also keeping your sanity intact.

When you’ve pinpointed your passion and channeled it into a side hustle, heed these 5 rules for creating a successful life full of balance, safe risks, and reward. Good luck.

1. DON’T confuse your side hustle with a hobby

Hobbies are meant to fulfill your creative or artistic side, and these can definitely be turned into side hustles – but they stay hobbies when they don’t make you any money.

Are you giving away work for free? Offering services to friends, family, and network clients for exposure? Then you, my friend, have a hobby.

In order to have a side hustle, you have to know your worth, and set your price. (After all, the whole point of this is to bring in supplementary income, right?)

2. Keep your day job and your side hustle as two separate entities

Unless you have serious downtime at a corporate job, don’t work your side hustle during those precious day job hours.

As long as you put your honest work in during your day job, your boss doesn’t need to know about your side hustle (unless it conflicts somehow with contracts previously signed).

If you’re a teacher by day and a baker by night, there’s no need to go up to the principal and let him know about the side hustle you’ve got going.

Likewise, when you’re in baker’s mode, why bother telling people it’s ‘just a side hustle and your real job is a teacher’?

When you’re at each individual job, treat each like it is what’s most important at that moment.

9am – 5pm: I love being a teacher and it’s all I talk about

5pm – 10pm: Baking is my life and I’ll do anything I can to keep it up

3. Cut away at the day job happy hours that aren’t about networking

Are daily 5:30 happy hours with the guys getting you anywhere?

Are you meeting new people and finding new prospects and opportunities during those boozy meeting, or are they just a bitch fest where you and a couple other guys in the office let loose and complain about your boss’s spitting habit when he’s upset?

If you answered yes to the latter, it’s time to set your priorities straight.

You’re basically wasting entire nights at these happy hours – and yes, I did mean to say nights because you know you’re too drunk to do much else after happy hours other than down a large pizza alone.

Don’t waste those few precious hours after work tossing back Irish car bombs and complaining you don’t make enough at your job. Instead, use that time wisely to create and work at a side hustle that’s going to bring in extra cash.

4. Make friends working toward the same goal

Find people who are likeminded. You need to have people in your life that are just as ambitious as you are with an entrepreneurial spirit.

How can you find these people?

  • Networking events for entrepreneurs
  • Social media

These are the people you need in your corner. They understand what you’re after, and they’ll know how to inspire you to keep on pursuing your side hustle.

5. Treat your side hustle like you do your day job

Time management and scheduling is essential for keeping a successful side hustle.

Use apps or calendars that will help you sort out

Check out these awesome apps for entrepreneurs and serious side hustlers:

  • 17 Hats
  • Workflow
  • Evernote
  • Gmail calendar

Learn to manage your time wisely, and guaranteed your side hustle will reach amazing heights.


1. What’s your side hustle?

2. How do you keep it balanced with your day job?

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