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These 5 Qualities Can Predict if You Will Be Successful


These 5 Qualities Can Predict if You Will Be Successful

Hoping to be wonderfully successful in everything you do?

There are a few things you can do like tightening your daily schedule or creating good habits. The most important thing you can do, though, is develop these 5 characteristics that are found in successful people.

1. Stubbornness


Successful people are stubborn almost to a fault. They allow their stubbornness to push them to do things even when faced with failure. The ability to push for something when others would have failed is how these people reach success.

2. Fearlessness


At some point these people might have had fears that blocked them from obstacles, but they bucked up and decided to face those fears head on. They conquer anything that blocks them mentally from achieving greatness no matter how much it scares the daylights out of them, and that is the mark of fearlessness – pushing forward.

3. Loyalty


Successful people are intensely committed to whatever they put their hands on. Whether it is a business they’re running, their employees, or themselves, they never quit or walk away because they’re deeply committed.

4. Curiousness


Successful people never ever stop learning. They always want to know what they can do to become better, smarter, or faster than those around them. It’s this insatiable need to learn more about their field, themselves, and others that keeps them ahead of the pack.

5. Optimism


This is probably the most important of all the traits. Successful people know that luck is a huge factor in any amount of success. But they know that if they keep working – no matter how many times they fail – the odds that luck will just find them is in their favor. They just have to keep reminding Lady Luck that they’re around and ready for her good graces. 

How Can You Develop Characteristics?

Curious how exactly you can change to adopt these big 5? (I hope you are because that would mean you already have trait #4 curiosity!)

Check out this amazing Ted Talk called Who Are You Really? The Puzzle Of Personality by Brian Little that explains how we come about defined characteristics and how it’s possible to transcend the characteristic you’ve developed.


1. What other qualities would you add to the list?

2. Do you believe qualities can be cultivated?

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