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Why You Need To Learn The Importance Of Embracing Change

Why You Need To Learn The Importance Of Embracing Change

BY Staff

Why You Need To Learn The Importance Of Embracing Change

More than we realize, change is constant and everywhere. Too often, people cling to whatever they’ve been doing — even if it doesn’t work that well.
People have a knee-jerk reaction to keep things the same, whatever they may be. That’s not a good move.
Change, whether good, bad, or neutral, isn’t going anywhere. Instead of running from it, focus on embracing change. If you do, you can end up a whole lot better off in the long run.

Change Happens Whether You Want It To Or Not

Think of life like surfing. You have a destination in mind, and you have the means of getting there. But you also have the wave to contend with. It’s a more powerful force than you are, but if you adapt to how it moves, you can still get where you want — and get there in style.
If you instead get stubborn and rigid and just try to fight against where the wave is going, that wave will knock you right off your board. That’s life.
There are a number of forces outside of your control, and they are more powerful than you are. This might sound scary, but it really isn’t. You see, you have the power to navigate through them, and these forces can even help push you in the right direction.
That is, if you’re flexible.
If you instead just try to fight the currents of life at every turn, they’ll knock you down. It just doesn’t work that way. The conditions are always changing. Things are always moving.
Stop holding on so tightly. Start embracing change as a constant thing. Let it carry you from point A to point C to point B, and never take your eye off where you want to end up.
Again, think of it like surfing. You have to be headstrong enough to stay on your feet but flexible enough to go where the wave takes you.

Change Is An Opportunity

Human nature is to focus on how change can negatively affect you. Often forgotten is how much of a positive opportunity change presents.
Look at what happens in times of massive change. Take the internet. When most successful business were slow to adapt (because it’s easy to assume what works will always work), businesses like Netflix and Amazon swooped in and found a way to make this new element the core of their businesses.
When things change — and it could be something huge, like the advent of the internet, or small like a change in your hours at work — think of how you can take advantage of this new thing, rather than how it disrupts your life.
With most people viewing it as a hindrance and everyone else unsure of how to react, you have a great opportunity available to you.
Perhaps that crazy bastard Little Finger said it best:

Embracing Change Means An Opportunity For Progress

Think of the times you’ve grown the most. Did you do it all yourself, or did you get a little push?
Chances are you that you tried to do something and learned that things aren’t quite what you expected them to be. Perhaps you hit some speed bumps, and perhaps something even went very wrong. With your back against the ropes, the real lion came out, and you achieved something beyond what you thought your limits were.
That’s how progress happens. It isn’t clean and tidy. It’s rough and hard. It involves taking a punch to the jaw and punching back instead of curling up in a ball.
It means getting outside of your comfort zone.
When conditions change, when relationships change, when the world changes, you are taken out of your comfort zone — and that’s the real way that we grow. By conquering this newfound obstacle, you have expanded your comfort zone and are capable of handling more the next time.
People rarely accomplish this feat on their own. More often than not, they need a little push. That’s what change does.

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