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The Secret Power of the Dinner Party (And How to Pull It Off Right)

The Secret Power of the Dinner Party (And How to Pull It Off Right)

BY Staff

The Secret Power of the Dinner Party (And How to Pull It Off Right)

Holidays are around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to widen your social circle with a good old-fashioned dinner party.
Yes, you read that right – a dinner party.
I know the concept seems outdated and reserved for Mad Men themed parties, but hear me out.
Generations before us mastered the art of the dinner party, and it was a classy as hell event to look forward to.
What makes the dinner party such a unique event that I propose we bring back is the single fact that it’s the best way to meet new people in a casual environment. There’s no quicker (and more delicious) way to get to know acquaintances than over a dinner table with good food and wine.
If you want to throw an epic party that would put your parents to shame, then follow these simple rules and you’re sure to be a host who throws parties that people enjoy.
Follow the plus 1 rule
Dinner parties are the best occasion to multiply your connections. When sending out invites, ask every attendee to bring a plus 1 (preferably a friend) who is fun and interesting. Meeting in the intimate environment of your home creates instant bonds between you and your new attendees. Keep everyone involved in conversation, and switch contact information with new acquaintances so that they can attend the next awesome dinner party you host. See? It’s such a casual and effortless way to get contacts.
Don’t rely on guests to bring crucial items
If a guest asks if they should bring something along, ask for a simple bottle of wine or something similar that’s a nice extra. Don’t give your guests the task of bringing important items like ice or dessert. Remember that this is your event, so take charge.
Play it safe and cook your specialty
A dinner party is the worst time to decide you’re going to try and roll sushi for the first time or stew a rabbit. Stick to that one specialty dish that you’re amazing at making. When you get compliments, you can offer to message the recipe. Boom! Another easy instant connection.
Move dessert away from the dinning table
After dinner, if you’re having a dessert and wine or coffee, try to serve it away from the dinner table. Doing this signals that the party mood is shifting.
Don’t take up empty offers for cleaning help
Polite guests usually offer help out of courtesy, but only rude hosts accept (unless they are family or very close friends). Thank your guest, but kindly refuse the offer.
Have a party game
Conversation flows pretty easy around a dinner table, but once things are shaken up in the living room, the mood has an opportunity to stall. Liven things up and making conversation easier with a party game. Just make sure to spice it up. Maybe pick up a deck of Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Dare Jenga, or an interesting drinking game.
Clean up before bed
No matter how tired you are at the end of the night, do a little cleaning. Waking up to find crusted pots and pans and left over food on plates is an easy way to ensure that you never host another dinner party again, no matter who fun the night before was.
Before you throw your first epic dinner party, remember that the key to being a good host is a good amount of organization and a small pinch of charm.

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What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to a fellow Social Man about to host his own party?

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