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Happy Birthday to Us

Happy Birthday to Us

BY Staff

Happy Birthday to Us

Wow, TSM is four years old.
When I started this business, I was pretty deep in debt, had no “Plan B,” and wasn’t certain that I’d be able to make my next rent payment.
But here we are.

It has not been easy.  With almost all of our first few years of profits going to pay off various creditors, we’ve had to work extra hard to put out good material, stay lean, and build organically.  I even moved back home with my parents for six months, at the age of 30, to cut expenses and focus 100% on operations.
The market has changed, too.  “Dating coaches” are a dime a dozen these days.  New channels are emerging – YouTube, Mobile Apps, facebook – where it’s easy to get sideswiped by a pro marketer.  And even getting a good ranking on Google has become ridiculously competitive.
Still, we believe in what we do, and push harder every day.
Well, the money’s not bad.  But truth be told, with the marketing knowledge I’ve developed since this all got started, we could make a lot more money being scammier, sleazier, or heck, abandoning dating advice all together, and selling get rich quick or weight loss products.
But that wouldn’t feel right.
And more importantly, we’ve received thousands of awesome emails, blog comments, and facebook messages over the last four years.  We’ve worked with hundreds of clients who are now married, in great relationships, or living the single lives of their dreams.  That stuff keeps us pumped to wake up every day and keep at it.
It’s truly amazing to be connected with you guys.
So we’ve been thinking about the next four years.  We’ve got some awesome plans in place and some amazing things coming for all the guys in the world who want to get the woman of their dreams, and be more confident, more charismatic, and better all around.
So to celebrate our birthday, we’re giving away some cool stuff 🙂
– (1) kindle fire with unlocked access to all of our programs
– (2) $50 amazon gift certificates
– (4) comp’d accesses to any of our programs
– everyone who enters will get a coupon code for 25% off any one of our programs
All you have to do is leave a comment to enter – we’ll announce winners next Monday.
Here’s the catch (and it’s a fun one) – in the comment, tell us the following three things:
1.) What brought you here.  Not just to TSM, but to the place where you were like “yep, I need to get better at this stuff.”  For me, it was a string of three dates at the age of 22, with a girl I really liked, that resulted in a friendly kiss on the cheek and a “let’s just be friends.”  That’s when I knew I had to get better at this girl stuff.
2.) What keeps you here.  Specifically, what about TSM you like.  It’s a crowded world of people doing what we do, and as we plan ahead, we want to make sure that we’re building on our strengths.  And who better to ask what our strengths are, than you?
3.) One thing we could be doing better.  Whether it’s something you’ve seen another company doing… or not doing… or something you just thought up on your own.
We’ll do a random drawing from all of the comments, so make sure you use your real email address (don’t worry, it’s not published publicly) and of course, only one entry per person.
Thanks again for all the support over the years.  Can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say, and give away some cool stuff 🙂

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