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Louis C.K. Claims Naps Are Better Than Sex, May Have A Point

Louis C.K. Claims Naps Are Better Than Sex, May Have A Point

Naps are good. Sex is good. But choosing between one or the other feels like a rather torturous task.

Louis C.K., brave as always, is going out on a limb and making a choice between two great natural human occurrences.

Louis is going with naps.

On the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, a svelte-looking Louis proclaimed that naps are far more satisfying, and just generally better, than sex.

As Louis put it,

“It is better than sex because, first of all, a nap is always 100 percent successful. There’s never mixed results with a nap. Sex is good but there’s like a, you know, like, you never take a nap where afterward you’re like, ‘Ugh, I probably shouldn’t have taken that. That was a bad idea. That’s gonna be a problem later that I took that nap. Can’t go back to that restaurant now. Now I have a bump on my penis.’”

This is a pretty rave review of naps. Personally, I’ve never been a good napper as I end up just sleeping for multiple hours on end.

But, according to science editor of the Guardian and very relevantly named Sarah Knapton, the key to a good nap is making it short.

In a study at the University of Hertfordshire, over 1,000 people measured their happiness as it related to napping that day.

As Knapton writes of the study,

“They were broken into three groups, no nappers, short nappers who napped for 30 minutes or less, and longer nappers who napped for longer than half an hour.

Two thirds of the short nappers reported being happy, compared to just 56 per cent of the long nappers, and 60 per cent of the no nappers.”

Napping may make you happy and feel well-rested, but it’s important to keep those naps on the shorter side, otherwise you may be screwing with your body’s sleeping system.

Whether naps are better than sex… we’re not quite sure about that one.

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