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How To Be Less Introverted? (3 Simple Tips Video)

How To Be Less Introverted? (3 Simple Tips Video)

“How can I be less introverted?”

It’s probably one of the most common questions we see in our inbox at The Social Man.

And it’s easy to understand why introversion can feel like such a big problem for introverts. When friends and family keep hitting you with the same old barrage of questions…

  • “Why don’t you ever answer your phone?” 
  • “How come you don’t want to come out with us?”
  • “Why don’t you like meeting people?” 

It can make you feel like there’s something wrong with you. The first thing to be VERY clear about is that you are not broken or unusual in any way. There’s nothing strange about being an introvert like there’s nothing strange about being an extrovert. It’s a personality trait, not some kind of social disease.

BUT…what if you DO want to start putting yourself out there more? What if you want to become more social, but just don’t know how to get over your social discomfort?

In this video, Christian Hudson opens up about his own struggles with being an introvert and gives you his top 3 tips for being less introverted.

You’ll discover the differences between shyness and introversion and how to overcome both.

You’ll hear about the “power of social momentum” and how to use it to keep your energy and confidence high.

And you’ll learn the one thing you MUST keep doing to turn yourself from quiet and reserved, to bold, confident, and attractive to everyone you meet. Check it out, give it a like, a share, and most importantly, go out and practice what Christian suggests in this video.

The key to great results is taking consistent positive action! Get at it!

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